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Chemical Engineering Department

Nations Represented


David T. Wu

CHR Faculty

Professor, Chemistry & Geochemistry

E. Dendy Sloan, Jr.

Director Emeritus & Chief Technical Advisor

Emeritus Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Carolyn A. Koh


Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Luis E. Zerpa

CHR Faculty

Assistant Professor, Petroleum Engineering

CSM-CHR Affiliate Faculty

Current Postdoctoral Researchers and Graduate Students

Current Undergraduate Students

  1. Jefferson Creek: Chevron (Retired)

  2. Larry Talley: ExxonMobil (Retired)

  3. Cornelis Peters: Professor, Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi

  4. John Ripmeester: National Research Council, Canada

CHR Family

For a list of former members of the Center, click here

Ahmad A A Majid

Jose Dapena

Sijia Hu

Hao Qin

Davi Costa Salmin

Visiting Scholars:

Thomas Charlton

Professor Fulong Ning

Vishal Srivastava

Yan Wang

Md Noor Arifin

Mimi Ismail

Braedon Tanner

Magnus Chun

C. Mark Maupin

CHR Associate Faculty

Assistant Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering

C. Manika Prasad

CHR Associate Faculty

Professor, Petroleum Engineering

Melissa Breathwaite

Logan Weinman