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Chemical Engineering Department

The Hydrates in Science community at the Center for Hydrate Research is continuing its strong tradition of investigating the fundamentals of hydrate phenomena with the goal of applying the results to practical aims such as hydrogen storage, kinetic inhibition, and gas recovery.

The Center uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and Raman spectroscopy, X-Ray diffraction, and molecular simulations to study the mechanism of hydrate formation and dissociation and the structure and guest occupancy of the hydrate cages.

The Colorado School of Mines recently acquired a 23 Teraflops computer cluster, which will enable our ongoing molecular simulations investigations of hydrate nucleation. Elucidating the process of hydrate nucleation will provide much deeper understanding on homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation processes, a long-standing problem in hydrate science.

As the Center pursues the basic science of hydrate phenomena, we will use the acquire fundamental knowledge of scientific research to thrive in the applications, which include improving the state of hydrogen storage, flow assurance, and oil and gas recovery.

Snapshot of molecular simulation of hydrate nucleation.



TBAB semi-clathrate structure.