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X-Ray Diffractometer

The XRD at the CHR is a Siemens D500 X-Ray Powder Diffractometer. This machine was donated by Chevron in 1999. The wavelength of the cobalt radiation is 1.78897 Å.

A DACO MP interface and a driving program from Material Data Inc. (Data Scan®, version 5) allow data collection and dialogues between the computer and the diffractometer. The collected data are analyzed by Jade 5®, another program from Material Data Inc.

Two sample cells/holders are available, one ambient and one pressure cell. The ambient pressure cell can be used from room temperature down to 77 K. The pressure cell is made from Beryllium. Beryllium (Be) is a solid, non-reactive material that allows X-rays to pass through a significant thickness because of its low absorption of X-rays. This cell is rated to pressures up to 7 MPa and a temperature range from room temperature down to 77 K.