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Raman Spectrometers

The Center has two Raman spectrometers:

  1. A RENISHAW MK III Raman spectrometer utilizing a 30mW argon laser emitting green light at a wavelength of 514.53 nm as an excitation source. The laser light is transported through a 50 µm optic fiber cable to the probe and is focused on the sample via a 20x objective lens.Back-scattered light is filtered using a 2400 grooves/mm grating. The spectrometer is calibrated using the emission lines from neon, assuring an accuracy of 0.3 cm-1 and spectral resolution of 4.5 cm-1.

  2. A Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRAM High Resolution Raman Microscope utilizing a 532 nm diode laser or a 632 nm He-Ne laser as an excitation source. Scattered light is collected in a back-scatter geometry and dispersed off of an 1800 grooves/mm or 2400 grooves/mm grating over an 800 mm focal length. The entrance slit is set typically set at 50 µm, but varied between experiments depending on the level of resolution required. Typical spectral resolution ranges from 0.5 to 0.9 cm-1.

The Raman spectra are analyzed using the GRAMS/32® software from Galactic Industries Corporation. The cell used is custom-designed and fabricated by Sam Colgate. The cell is a high-pressure, variable temperature 1 cm3 cell with sapphire windows, with a pressure range up to 70 MPa. The viewing area is 200 mm2. The cell is jacketed, and the temperature is controlled by circulating coolant water.

High pressure well with sapphire window.

Capillary cell for high pressure measurements.